The Project Banshee Bungee innovated a high speed release system that propels and launches riders, on various boards, with the use of a stretched bungee to generate inertia.
Banshee Riverboards - Launch Yourself

The Task:

BridgeWorks was presented with a large project. The problems with the previous site were fairly complex but simply needed strategic decisions. The challenges we faced were:
  1. A website that did not generate sales
  2. A website that had a jumbled mess of code which made search engine optimization tough
  3. Adequate design, but not hip to today's standards
  4. Navigation was difficult and did not lead users towards the store

The Process Our process involved identifying and targeting the issues that were troubling the previous site. We put our heads together to come up with goals for the project. How can we drive users to the site? How can we entertain and capture attention? How can we sell more product? These were some of the hard questions that we asked...
Banshee Riverboards Sample E-newsletter A custom e-newsletter

After meeting with the client and determining all issues that we needed to address, this is what we did:
  1. A hip design that spoke to the user base
  2. Implemented interactive areas within the site that kept users interested in the product by seeing it in action
  3. Educated users and promoted product through instructional areas, like a YouTube style video application
  4. Maximized dynamic and professional imagery
  5. Installed a streamlined and efficient checkout process
  6. Used specific keywords that worked hard to drive search relations
  7. Implemented a refined and highly developed back-end
  8. Sustained ongoing marketing support with custom e-newsletters

The Results The results were fun to watch. After launching the site and using some traditional marketing techniques, we began the process of monitoring traffic, comments, sales, conversion ratios... all tracked using a suite analytical tools.

Banshee Bungee Sales Growth
Better navigation, catchy design and new marketing ideas brought the users to the store and to the buy button. New products and new ideas for the products were both promoted on the website and online sales went from a near flat-line, to a steady and significant trend of growth. For some, Internet marketing is a lot like stumbling around a dark room lookind for the light switch. We like to hit the control room and flood the lights everywhere so all routes are exposed. And your route to the future.

We don't like to launch a bunch of arrows out there and hope one hits the target. We take special care to hone our skills, practice often, and when the time comes to aim... we hit the bullseye. Our ongoing marketing campaign has proven to increase general business growth tremendously. We can't say enough about engaging in our smart SEO, custom e-newsletters, marketing support and the overall effectiveness it brings our clients. Meet new clients, build contact lists, fill more orders, book more trips and discover your potential with us. You didn't get where you are now by standing still and we have the skills to take you to the next level and beyond...

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